At NP DESIGN, our founder and creative director Niti Pande does not believe in dividing interior decor, landscape and gardening; to her they are all one in essence

Inspired decor, much like a beautifully modeled landscape or garden, arouses sentiment in man. The designer's task therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise

This working philosophy is what empowers and enables her team of well seasoned adepts to fully realize the potential of every space they come in contact with. Be it dream homes or places where one's dreams come true; transcendence, to us, is sacrosanct.

 We take matters beyond the decor of four walls and a floor; our work aims to evoke an emotional and aesthetic response in not just our clients but within everyone who enters your private and professional space(s). 

Combining the grace of the past and the grit of the future, in confluence with a penchant for creating elegant and meaningful interiors, the team at NP Design maintain a keen focus on their clients' personalities and lifestyle choices. 

It is in their artful blending of these (personal) elements with those that are left to one's imagination, that NP design extends its client's aspirations to meet the growing possibilities of comfort, good taste and refined luxury. 

This is how, over the course of 12 years, NP Design has boldly crafted homes with the right balance of discernment and discretion for various high profile clients. This dedication to our clients' narrative, coupled with an imaginative; frictionless flair for execution, has made our work resonate and find favour, time and time again. 

Our passion for ongoing artistic exploration in numerous mediums helps infuse our work with an emphasis on thoughtful attention to both originality and detail. 

All this, just to let you know every step of the way : that we care. 

Very much so. 

For, when you call it your home; 

With us : it means it is in every way, yours. 

NP Design : Yours, in every way.

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